LAST REVISED ON: 12/10/2020


Welcome to the privacy policy ("Policy")!

This page describes how FWD:Everyone, Inc. ("FWD:Everyone", "Company", "we", "our," "us") collects and uses information about users of (the "Site").

What we collect

We get information about you in a range of ways.

Information You Give Us. This includes information you supply when creating an account or completing your profile page, such as your name, email addresses, and user description. It also includes your uploaded threads and comments, as well as other information you directly give us on our Site.

Information Automatically Collected. We use industry-standard analytics software to automatically collect information about you and your computer. For example, when visiting our Site, we may log your computer operating system type, browser type, browser language, the website you visited before browsing to our Site, pages you viewed, how long you spent on a page, access times and information about your use of and actions on our Site.

Information We Get From Others. We may get data about you from other sources, and add this to data we get from this Site. For example, on the page to select an email thread to upload, we use the Gravatar image associated with each of your email addresses if one exists.

Information we store in your browser

Local Storage. We log information in the local storage of your web browser. Most importantly we store your login credentials. But we also store some other information to make the site faster. For example, if you've already seen the tutorial that teaches you how to make redactions on a thread, we store a flag with this information in your browser so that way we don't need to query our servers each time we need to decide whether or not to show this to you. Each time you sign out of your account, all data in local storage will be removed from your browser.

Cache. We store data in your browser's cache to make the site faster. This may include HTML, javascript, images, typefaces, etc.

Cookies. We do not currently use cookies for the Site itself, although some of our software dependencies (e.g. our analytics) may set cookies.

Information we store on our servers

All of the information mentioned above gets stored in our servers. Analytics data is also stored on the servers of our analytics providers.

Use of data from

PrettyFWD was created to show people the benefits of using FWD:Everyone without first needing to create an account. If you already have an account on FWD:Everyone, we will use your profile to determine your display name on threads and to set your profile picture. These can be edited at any time on PrettyFWD is powered by the FWD:Everyone API, and data lives in the same database with the same security standards.

Deleting User Content

When uploading a thread, you can choose when you want that thread to expire. After a thread expires, it is no longer viewable. If you want to delete a thread before it expires, just let us know

Use of Gmail add-on

The Gmail add-on allows users to share specific threads with PrettyFWD, without requiring or enabling broad-based access to their entire inbox. This works as follows:

Use of personal information

We use your personal information to:

Sharing personal information

FWD:Everyone will never share your private email threads or any data obtained from private messages or threads with third any parties, as per Google's Limited Use Requirements for data obtained via Google APIs. With the exception of data that falls under these Limited Use Requirements, we may share personal information as follows:

Information choices and changes

Our marketing emails tell you how to "opt-out." If you opt out, we may still send you non-marketing emails. Non-marketing emails include emails about your accounts and our business dealings with you.

You may send requests about personal information to the addresses listed on our Contact page. You can request to change contact choices, opt-out of our sharing with others, and update your personal information.

CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY. We may change this privacy policy. If we make any substantial changes, we will change the Last Updated date above and notify you via e-mail.

Have suggested improvements to this privacy policy? Let us know!